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You are a child given everything. You live in a lavish life style due to the wealth of youre parents. Nothing is wrong. Yet you do not want to be here. You want to roam. As a child you have been sneaking into the buildings your father has archetyped. You explore them, understanding every little nook and cranny. They are massive in scale and seem endless. Your father is a world renown architect known for the interesting and unique design of his buildings. Your movement is lacking, always having to find different ways through the building because we are small and can only maneuver so many obstacles. However when you get going you move with swiftness and you are nimble. The better feel of the building you have the quicker you can get around it. Your father takes you to work from time to time when you are not at school. When he gives you these jobs he wants you to deliver certain packages across the building to keep you busy during the day. Yet with your cunning you scale and stride through the building reaching destinations beyond his expectations. When you are at school you barley attend. For you think you have it made and don’t need it. You go to the bathroom during class and sneak out through the window. This opens you up into the vast city of Neumancy. Carrying this will to want to explore you get yourself into places you shouldn’t be in. Learning stealth and cleverness. Even though you have speed as a youth, you must rely on being more clever than the obstacle. This will teach the player to move stealthy and smart. Show that there is a parkour aspect yet it is not fully achievable yet. Main aspect of the beginning game is to be stealthy and creative. Your father ends up being killed by a new government power coming into Neumancy you do not know how he died yet though. This government power is strong and taking over everything. Slathering their name across Neumancy. They take youre fathers buildings over as their headquarters each and every single one. As you grow up you become more and more likely to break the law. Not following in your fathers footsteps and wanting to be a vandal. You become a graffiti artist wanting to tag everything you can. You mostly stay in the lower parts of the city where it is not thriving where most of the graffiti scene lives. You practice with your friends but cut it close with the law every time. Using your stealth and creative though you are able to pull off some of the most intricate tags that Neumancy has seen. Tagging inside buildings and gala halls during events, making your name known. For no reasons in particular just because you can. You are known around the graffiti scene. But the graffiti scene knows you. Having been in a few scrapes before just getting the basics down of throwing a left hook and weaving one in return you have never truly been a fighter. A runner really since birth. The scene shapes you though. You had no other choice. You've been pinned down multiple times now by entire crews and running can not be apart of your name. If you want to keep your cred up you must back it up. Now you learn to fight. Through the sheer amount of times you have had to do it. Through forced practice. Not being able to get out having to throw hands up at every instance. You're scrappy in your fight style yet having been in wrestling when you were little you know how to grapple if it has to come to that. You can throw your combos and land them as well. You can fight, it isn't pretty but you can fight now.

Then it happened. It was a fairly big tag we were planning. At the largest outdoor ballroom there is in Neumanncy. The company at the hall was a global pharmaceutical company. No red flags in their forefront but cmon these coorporations always have some bullsht going on. The main reason is for the exposure, our tags always hit the news after one of these events. So we were on it, going to nail this place, the usual plan was set into motion. We had some guys on the inside for look out and some guys on outside duty as well. Really was just Mack, and Q but they had it down, they always did. They had a big reveal of this new train car that was going to be installed on the U.P.(Rail way system in Neumanncy). Thing was covered by one massive LED curtain that was blacked out for the entire event. We knew this because my Ma still had the funds of the family. And in order to keep the funds she had to funnel them into events like this so she could get some recognition in return. I'd always take a look at the invite, itinerary and blue print of the party. This gave us the go ahead everytime. I got behind the LED and saw someone jump from roof to roof above me. I did not know who it was but this was the height of the plan I did not have time to worry. Then I heard the clambering. This event hall was always interesting to get into. We always went in from the basements and got to the top of the roof. At the top you were always surrounded by other brick rooftops while you were on ones as well. The clambering was coming from the off the side of the roof almost as if it was coming from the side of one of the buildings. I ran over to the side because whatever it was, was making a ruckus and it was going to blow my cover. I peaked over the side seen three black shadowy figures Maneuvering between back and forth these two buildings with speed and swiftness I have never seen before. They did not stop either. I thought they would have when seeing me but eventually they reached the roofs they were climbing up and were now looking down on me. I peer through the LED wall quickly to my side and no one in the party had noticed. They began to scale down toward me with no intention of stopping. Two of them flanked off to the sides and disappeared on the roofs as I watched the one scale down toward me. Frozen I did not know where to go. I started back pedaling. The shadow figure was coming closer and closer till they were right above me leaping off the side of the building in the air coming toward me. That was the last thing I remember seeing before it connected with the side of my jaw and I was on the floor. Stunned and dazed I watched the figure scale the train car then up the to the top of the LED wall. I couldn't move, there was nothing I could do. As I watched them climb the LED wall there was an instrument or a weapon on their back very clearly attached and not swaying or moving as they did. Then they reached the top of the wall. Pulled the very clearly now Weapon off their back and began firing into the party. Not sparatic or wild firing but controlled single taps. Like a surgeon with a scalpel very clearly slicing specfic sections. As the rounds were being fired, I moved. Got the fuck out. Was absolutely rattled. Left the way we got in. Not caring if the party seen me, just had to get out. I did not know my mom still attended these events. Thought she just funded them to keep the house and some money in the family. I would have stayed and gone in there if id known, but I didn’t I was completely ignoratnt to it. Left, saved my self. I lost her that night. Those fuckers were shooting whoever they could. Later I would find out this was not the case but I had blind fury. It stuck in my head for night after night the way they moved. The clambering, the movement. It was etched into my brain. I had to know who, why. Why the fuck would they do this. Why in Neumanncy, it did not make any sense. I stayed out night after night trying to get a glimpse again. I had to reach out to the other crews. The scene wasn’t the same anymore. After the shooting it made waves through the city. It wasn’t just the killing but the preciseness. The police did not catch any of them. Didn’t even seem like they tried. Murders running free and running with grace. The graffiti scene fell out. Except for the few dedicated we would go in an abandoned ware house down on Aberdeen and tag when we could. All of them from different crews. I still wanted to know, I wanted information. I talked to each guy at the warehouse one night told them to go talk to their crews. I wanted to put guys out all across the city see if we could find them. I began practicing movement too. Even though I could never see those guys in a different light. They were the darkness, murderers, evil, devils with grace. I wanted the movement, I needed it the grace that is. I would get my revenge with it. Beat them at their own game. The attack he hit me with, how could I have even blocked it. I ran through this in my head. Night after night. The swiftness, the shear elegance. The control of their body. Ricocheting off of each wall yet gaining elevation as they did. Each movement controlled understanding what they did. Then the attack, the fucking attack. The more I run through the less I think I would have been able to do something. It absolutely bewildered me. Did not even see it coming. I don’t even look at it as an attack but a methodical planned moved from A to B and I was caught in-between it. So I trained. Turned the warehouse on Aberdeen into where I could practice moves. The warehouse I would manipulate and change to the specfic move I was practicing. I would do it again and again. The warehouse was fully interchangeable. I was able to turn it into whatever I needed. It was my dojo of a sort. Practiced day in and day out. Went out into the city and if I ran across an obstacle I couldn’t conquer. I would bring it back to the ware house and recreate it. Take pictures of it in the city, study it, then re create it back in the ware house. With the new government in Neumanncy I could not stop moving could not stop and practice their. They would be on my ass in seconds. When you were out there you had to know how to move. There was constant pressure on your back. The more I moved the more comfortable I got being out there. The pressure of the government was like a zombie hoard on your back at night. Like a level 4 chase coming at you from every turn. No stopping or you would be stunned and detained. They didn’t like the free running. Yes we were trespassing from roof to roof but it was merely a path to an objective to the actual building we wanted to trespass. By we I mean that I started talking to the graffiti guys, started to have them train as well. We needed a pack just like what those guys had. I would come into the warehouse and they would be in there practicing just as much as me. We got good, really good. I would have certain guys scouting the city and they would bring back new findings of obstacles in the city. Have them add it to the obstacle wall. Where would just pin photographs of new obstacles on it. If we wanted to practice it we would begin building it and replicating it in the warehouse. The ware house had a few supplies to build with. But going out to Turing was a big deal. One of the guys had a truck and we would go make a run to get some lumber and hardware supplies to stock the warehouse up with. The money situation could get tight but from selling my graffiti art to robbing buildings it would come in waves sometimes big waves. Selling my art was always trustworthy but it always depended on how much I would want to create. It always sold good and someone in the city was always looking for a mural or painting for their business. It gave me a moral boost forsure, and if it weren't for the graceful fcking devils I probably would be content with it. That is how we made the dough for whatever we needed. We started to become known around the city. If we kept robbing buildings then we would be floating in the cash but it made going out at night hard. We would become fugitives and getting locked up could be bad, really bad. Selling my work and doing murals was solid income and the people around the city didn’t look twice in our direction. It kept us discreet about our actual objectives but the money was tight doing that. The murals kept the city lively, Neumanncy had turned into such a shit show with the new power hanging over head.
Then the bright idea came to me *big fcking sarcasm* to go to one of my fathers buildings. They had turned it into some government paper pushing shit show. I just wanted to see it. Get a feel for what it used to be like. Headed toward my favorite entrance by the atrium on the top sort of side of the building. Well it was my favorite to sit up there as a kid climbing the trees in there to get to the top. Looking out at the city. Decided to just enter the building through there maybe just look at it, I don’t know just wanted to see it. Scaled the building next to it and got to the roof. Then I seen them, I fucking seen them. Those malicious slaugterhing fckrs. Going into the building too?!? Why why here of all places. They enter into the building through the massive vent system next to the atrium. Four of them. More than last time. They slipped through into the vents. I don't know why they would go through that way but I knew where it ended up and I'm fucking catching them. This was it. Went in through the atrium, stayed high up on the rafters. The air duct system would have shot them into the basement. I knew how to get there and the building was closed now so I just had to dodge security and Id be good. Takin an air duct here, scaling down a stair case there, it was amazing how my knowledge of these buildings hadn't left me. And now with my movement I can get through them so fast. I made it, made it into the basement. I could hear them moving around past the door in the room. I had been in the basement of this building before but not this room. What is this room. Was it attached to the temperature control tunnel system in the building. I have to try, I got into the tunnel system. Many things made my fathers buildings set aside from others but this system was a key factor. Made for good sneaking around too, large enough even for me even at this age to get through them. So I got moving knew the I would have to take to get to this room. What this system did was made for entire small rooms under every room. This helped for temperature control but I could move freely under an entire room. The walls even too it was an entire room surrounding each room. The walls and all. I remember messing with people by knocking on walls having them hear it perfectly within the room. The hollow rooms matched the temperature control though so it could get really hot or cold in there. Had to be careful. Remember when I was a kid on one of the coldest days in Neumanncy. I had been chilling in the hollow room of my dads office and they had bumped the heat to 90 in the rooms. The hollow rooms had to double that tempature they wanted to make it that in the room. Turned into a fucking oven. Back to it. This room did have a hollow room but an early version of one only had half the floor and an entire wall. These were went my dad first built the buildings. This room must of got missed during the renovations. Of course. Every room had these opaque glass cutouts to where you could see into the room. These were the interfaces for room tempature control made it perfect for spying in. Had to be careful though if the led went out the opaque mask would be lost and they could see me viewing in. All good though lights were fully active in the room so was the energy. The room had the four of them in it. Each one covered in head to toe blacked out fits. A material I couldn’t identify covered them. Hooded. Slim fitting. Looked agile. Fucking shadows. Each with a unique mask however. Terrifying masks, looked like demons. Not surprised. They had weapons lining the walls and a table in the middle they were all beginning to sit at. They each sat down and press their hands against these hand print indentations on the table. Each one did it. Their suits surged with a glow. Looked like they were charging. No words were exchanged. They were all proper sitting, no emotion. Im getting these fckrs tonight Im doing it. Right now. I slipped away from the control center toward the vent that was installed in the room toward the ceiling. Busted through it and dropped into the room. I went for the one closest to me. As they stood I attacked. I don’t know how I made it out alive. They beat me to a pulp. I ended up crippling two of them. But the other two were on me with a fury of fists and kicks. They were trained. Skilled. Their hits felt like nothing I have ever felt. Was the speed and strength of three humans in one punch. I escaped got out. They chased me but did not know the building as good as me. I escaped through the atrium trees and out the glass ceiling. With just enough strength. Got back to the warehouse. They couldn’t keep up with my route I escaped them they couldn’t follow me. They were with the government. They were apart of the fucking government. That room was theirs. Hidden. Not supposed to be known about. The new government killed my mom. What the fuck is this. I know now I know. I will get to the bottom of this.