Aaron Sirico

About Me

Hello, I'm Aaron Sirico, a passionate individual embarking on a thrilling journey as a programming major at Columbia College Chicago. With an insatiable curiosity for technology and a penchant for creative expression, I find myself at the intersection of innovation and artistry. Photography has always been a cherished outlet for me, allowing me to capture fleeting moments and immortalize them through my lens. Equally captivating is my proficiency in 3D software, particularly Blender, where I delve into the realms of digital design and animation, bringing my imagination to life in vibrant, three-dimensional form. Beyond my academic pursuits, my free time is a canvas for exploration and self-expression. Skateboarding serves as both a thrilling adventure and a form of artistic movement, allowing me to embrace the exhilarating rush of the ride while pushing the boundaries of my physical capabilities. Additionally, drawing has been a lifelong passion of mine, providing me with a medium to translate my thoughts, emotions, and observations into captivating visual narratives. As I navigate the dynamic landscape of academia and pursue my passions outside the classroom, I am driven by a relentless desire for growth, creativity, and self-discovery. With each endeavor I undertake, I am fueled by the belief that innovation thrives at the intersection of technology and art, and I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in both realms.

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